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I have worked with multi-award winning documentary filmmaker Matthew Bell as we as scored the seminal Turkish TV series BÖRÜ (Wolf), the follow-up film as well as the 3rd instalment: the futuristic BÖRÜ 2039. First aired on Star TV, the groundbreaking miniseries BÖRÜ, developed by the visionary director/producer Alper Caglar, still has the highest IMDB rated episodes of any Turkish television production. It is also the first Turkish series Netflix purchased after the fact to put an "original" in the title. Shot in cinematic quality and composed of 6 episodes, it would make its series finale with a film outing as the seventh episode. Since 2016, and Mountain II, Alper Caglar has exclusively worked with me. You can listen to the soundtracks here:

BÖRÜ Motion Picture Soundtrack

BÖRÜ Netflix Mini Series Soundtrack

BÖRÜ 2039 Soundtrack


Börü (feature film) - full score


Börü/Wolf (tv series) - original music


The Mountain 2 - additional music


The Unrideables - additional music

The Runner - Directed by Matthew Bell

The Runner (short) - full score


Börü 2039 (tv series) - original music

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Mimmo poster - portrait - at 220419.png