Lincoln JAeger


I am a jazz pianist who writes epic orchestral music. I play the piano, guitar, bass guitar and alto sax have a BA in Jazz and an MMus in Ethnomusicology. My music has been described by the people who publish and use it as "emotional and score-ish", which kinda fits. I love grand orchestral sounds, hybrid trailer music, great drum grooves, mean guitar riffs, hypnotic ethnic percussion, sound design and red-hot jazz swing.

I am also the co-founder of digital sheet music website, for which I arranged over 3,000 pieces. That was a whole load of hard yakka.

If you like any of my music, or would like me to write something for you, would like to collaborate, or want to know what a tritone substitution is, or why there is yodeling in African music (there is, honest), drop me line.

"Your musical work is sensitive, balanced and astounding"

To contact me about about licensing tracks, lessons or availability for scoring, please click on the “Email Me” button below.

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